September 18, 2008

Denys McCracken: Daft Laddie Days – Clean vegetables

By Denys McCracken

Clean vegetables
I next got a job as a hill shepherd on a farm near Kelso on the owld enemy's side of the Border, where I moved in with Geordie the hind and his family.

Geordie had a pretty good vegetable garden and one day when some Americans were passing, the lady admired it and said "How wonderful to grow your own vegetables - how do you sterilize them"?

Geordie was at bit of a loss for a moment and then said "I tell you waat, Aall let ye intiv a bit secret. Aa sterilize the soil before Aa plant them."

The lady was thrilled saying "Gee Dad, we'll do our whole garden when we get back to the US."

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