September 18, 2008

Denys McCracken Daft Laddie Days – Tipsy porker

By Denys McCracken.

Tipsy porker
Geordie the hind decided that as he had spare milk from the house cow, he would get a pig to fatten for a bit of home-fed bacon. As the Daft Laddie I was instructed to clean up the old pig sty which had not been used for many a day. When Geordie got back with the pig it was put in and the door bolted and off we went for a cuppa.

Later after going around the sheep, Geordie went to feed the pig and on opening the door burst out laughing. The pig ran out totally out of control and off its legs, high as kite and drunk to the world. I had not cleaned out the trough and the apple tree above it had dropped a lot of windfalls into it and with the addition of rainwater had fermented over time making a pretty powerful brew of cider. We had the happiest pig north of the Border.

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