September 18, 2008

Denys McCracken: Daft Laddie Days – Hay time

By Denys McCracken

Hay time
When the hay time came round the boss I worked for had no tractors and it was all horse work and man power. The rabbit virus myxamatosis had been rampant in the district so when you hoisted a forkful of hay above your head, pieces of rotten rabbit fell oot and doon your neck. Revolting to say the least!

Anyway, first there was the annual ritual of taking the hay forks out of the cupboard and oiling the shanks. They were God knows how old – certainly generations.

Nobody told this Daft Laddie how to use a fork correctly so trying to fork muckle forkfuls, I stuck the fork into the hay, then with both hands on the end I used it as a lever to raise it.

Of course the result was – "snag" and "snap". Then came the abuse for my ignorance, while the boss conveniently forgot that he had not told me what I should do – to have one hand on the end and the other down the shank to act as the fulcrum. The Daft Laddie confirmed his status once again.

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