September 18, 2008

Denys McCracken: Daft Laddie Days - tales by Denys McCracken

Denys McCracken

Denys was a great Northumbrian who moved to New Zealand, 12,000 miles away from the hills and haughs he worked on as a Daft Laddie, to milk cuws and grow Kiwifruit before retiring to turn wood and play bowls.

I got him to write down a few notes of his days when he wore 'Simonside, Heathor Lowper' beuts and smoked strang baccy in a rosewood pipe – and I think you’ll agree that these true tales make a grand read.

We removed the names of the farms and the farmer’s, just in case any are up in the hayfield with St Peter, sittin ahint the dyke sucking on their pipes with thor lugs cocked!

Denys sadly passed away in Tauranga, New Zealand, in January 2009.

Clive Dalton

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