January 4, 2010

Hexham butcher: Hodgson Harold Telfer

By Clive Dalton

Can you help?

Request from Sandra Lees from Auckland, New Zealand for information about Hodgson Harold Telfer.

See her blog http://invokinglibitina.blogspot.com/

Hodgson Harold Telfer was born in Bellingham, Northumberland, and at age 16 joined the family butchering business in Hexham. His father James Telfer was born in 1842 and baptised in Birdhope Craig Presbyterian church. James became a butcher in Bellingham and then Hexham.

Harold retired after 42 years in business - see the newspaper cutting about his life, and announcing this event. Unfortunately it's not dated. He certainly was a pillar of the community and the butchering trade in Hexham.

Below is Harold outside his shop in Hexham at Christmas 1924 where he looks to be around 30 years of age. He certainly had prepared well for the festive season by the look of the hams in the window.

Stanley Telfer
The most well known butcher in Bellingham was also a Telfer - Stanley Telfer, and he plied his trade before the second world war (with all its meat rationing) and retired in the 1950s. Maybe he was a relation? Does anyone know?

See my blog on "Bellingham shops and businesses'.

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