May 6, 2009

D.C.Dalton: Published books

Clayton, D. (1988) with contributions from Dalton, D, C. & Jones, V.
Low cost dairying – the basics
N.Z. Gallagher Group of Companies.
ISBN: 0473006243 (pbk.)

Dalton, D. C. (1976)
Animal breeding : first principles for farmers.
Aster Books

Dalton, D. C. (1980)
An introduction to practical animal breeding.
ISBN: 0246111941 (hbk.) 0246113510 (pbk.)
Editio2nd ed. ISBN: 000383025X

Dalton, D.C. (1985)
An introduction to practical animal breeding.
2nd Edition
ISBN: 000383025X

Dalton, D. C. (1991)
New Zealand sheep and their wool.
David Bateman
Revised 2006. ISBN 13:978-1-86953-663-3

Dalton, D. C. Rumble, C. (1985)
50 years of artificial insemination and herd improvement in New Zealand.
N.Z. : Auckland Livestock Improvement Association,
ISBN: 0473002949

Dalton, D. C. (1986)
Angora rabbits.
MAF Promotions, Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries
ISBN: 0477030572

Dalton, D.C. (2007)
Internal parasites of sheep and their control – now and in the future.
Reward Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-473-12133-3

Dalton, D.C.: Orr, M.B. (2004)
Sheep farming guide – for small and not-so-small flocks.
Hazard Press
ISBN: 1-877270-72-5

Kilgour. R; Dalton, D.C. (1984)
Livestock behaviour: a practical guide.
ISBN: 0456031901

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