March 22, 2009

Angora (Mohair) Goat Basics: Further reading & industry contacts

Agriculture, animal husbandry, goats, Angora, Mohair, information, further reading, references

By Dr Clive Dalton

Further reading
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Contact Mohair NZ

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Industry contacts

Mohair New Zealand.
Executive: Dawn Pirani. Ph. (07) 522-0827. Email:

Mohair Fibres Ltd.
Purpose: To market specialty fibres – mohair, cashmere, cashgora.
Motorway Service Centre, Mill Road, Bombay, Auckland. Phone: (09) 236-0483. Freephone 0800-664-247. Email: Website:
Owner/Director: John Woodward
General Manager: Deborah Woodward

Mohair Pacific
Purpose: Mohair buyers, brokers, exporters
Contact: Chris Sundstrum.
1757 South Eyre Road, RD 1, Rangiora
Phone (03) 312-0415. Fax (03) 312-0416

Mohair New Zealand
Purpose: To assist mohair producers enhance the viability and success of their mohair production.
Secretary: Email:

New Zealand Wood Testing Authority Ltd
Purpose: Testing of raw and processed wool (and goat fibre) to international standards. Technical consultancy and laboratory equipment manufacture.
Head office and laboratory: Cnr Bridge & Lever streets, PO Box 12-065, Ahuriri, Napier. Branches in all major New Zealand centres.
Phone: (06) 835-1086. Email: Website

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