February 25, 2009

Daft Laddie tales of North Tyne & Rede: Donald Clegg

Donald Clegg
(Image at left from The Northumbrian Magazine)
Don organising his squirrel feeder

Donald Clegg was born at Rochester in Redesdale. After Grammar school he worked as a postman delivering mail on foot to farms around the area.

He worked on farms in Redesdale and after being called up for his military service and 'doing time' helping the King and the new Queen Elizabeth, he returned to farm work in the North Tyne valley.

He then decided on a career change, and went to St John’s College in York to do teacher training after which he taught at Bellingham and Wooler. It was at these schools that his interest in Outdoor Education developed and he went on to specialise in this area.

He continued to apply his expertise at the Wauchope Field Study and Expedition Centre near Bonchester Bridge, and then moved to Carrshield in West Allendale. His knowledge and experience of the many predicaments he faced in his Daft Laddie days was always at hand in his new profession of dealing with people.

After a very successful and rewarding teaching career, he is now retired at lives at Yarrow Corner near Falstone, where he indulges his passion for all things Northumbrian, playing the mouth organ and Northumbrian pipes, and being a noted defender and carer of one of the few remaining populations of red squirrels in the country.

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