December 19, 2008

Robert Allen: The Corbie Crow

The Carrion crow (Corbie in Borders & Scotland)
Corvus Corone

Oot ower the fell, he’s eyes aglint.
Aye scroongin’ owt below,
Yon crafty ridor o’ the wind,
Theor flees the corbie crow.

A blackie’s eye hes fancy feed,
A pickle blood he’s dram,
He spies hes belly’s orgent need.
A werm-dopt kebbit lamb.

The splodges on yon tufty knowe
Erl bloo an’ kerl noo show
Just hoo the sorra o’ the yowe
Wes suppor for the crow.

From “Canny Bit Verse”, 1994. ISBN 0-9524649-0-X Published by the author.
Robert Allen's farming and historical poems have been sourced from the Northumberland Language Society. Please contact the NLS as a source ( of more of these brilliant works, and for recordings. The copyright is held by Nigel and Georgina Hall - for enquiries email them on

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