October 25, 2008

Northumbrian Farm Glossary - from Aad to Yowens

As a daft laddie in the 1950s (see the editor 2nd from right above at Demesne Farm in Bellingham, with l to r Jack & Bob Beattie; the local Sergeant; Willie Potts with Jock; and Ante Dagg), you could count on a fine schooling in the art of the proper farm talk required in the North Tyne. Fifty years on, to accompany the Daft Laddies book and the series of web posts on this blog, an extensive glossary was prepared. Rather than post it all here, I've put it up on a Google Knol (click here to read it).

If you need just a bit of quick translation, and can find nowt on the fancy Google Translate widget that will approximate the North Tyne language, it's probably best you make your way through this very special dictionary - each link is live below, and will take you to the letter you're after.

A - aad to aye
B - baalks to byorman
C - caa to cuwman
D - dadd to dyke
E - easin' to eye
F - fall to fummlin
G - gan to gye
H - haad to huw
I - illiven to ivribody
J - jaa
K - keb to kositos
L - lambin' to lugs
M - maaks to mule
N - neb to nuw
O - only to oxters
P - paaky to pund
Q - quart
R - rake to rutts
S - saa to syke
T - taalk to turnoot
U - there's nee u man!
V - there's nee v man!
W - wall to wrang
X - there's nee x man!
Y - yarkin' to yowens
Z - there's nee z man!

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