October 6, 2008

Dick the Cadger - a Northumbrian Character

By Don Clegg

One traveller who regularly visited the Kielder-Falstone area during the 1920s was know as “Dick the Cadger”. He came from the Holm (Newcastleton) in a horse and trap. He usually lodged overnight at Bewshaugh before travelling up the Lewisburn to the Forks and beyond.

He brought bread and groceries in tea chests in his trap to all the farms in the area High and Low Long House, the Forks, Akenshawburn and Willowbog.

On his return to Newcastleton, he collected sheepskins from dead sheep and “clarts” (dags or soiled wool from sheep’s backsides) and carried them in the same tea chests that held his goods in the outward journey!

I believe he came around every week or fortnightly. He was replaced about 1925 by Oliver from the Holm, in a nice new van.

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