September 18, 2008

Denys McCracken: Daft Laddie Days – The mystery Cornel

By Denys McCracken

The mystery Cornel

Hawick mart had a lot of auctioneers in those days as it was a very large mart. During one of the Cheviot tup sales a man was buying all the expensive tups and collecting "luck money" from the breeders.

He said he was buying for a "Colonel somebody-or-other" up North who was clearly a well-known buyer so nobody worried. As the day wore on, his tally got bigger and bigger but at the end of the day none of his tups had been taken away, and none of the haulers had been hired to remove them.

Eventually he was found living it up in Hawick and turned out to be an electrician. He had not technically broken the law as he had removed nothing from the sale and had been given the luck money by the breeders The breeders still had their tups to take home but minus the luck money.
(Luck money is a traditional practice paid by the vendor (usually reluctantly) to the buyer of stock to wish him/her luck with them.)

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