September 18, 2008

Denys McCracken: Daft Laddie Days – Lizzie’s lunches

By Denys McCracken

Lizzie's lunches

At one farm I worked on we combined with next door to do the "cutting" of the lambs. The back of their farm was a good long walk and we had to start very early in the morning in order to gather the sheep before 8am.

We then had breakfast where the boss boiled a kettle which already had tea in it, and it came out like dark syrup. He unwrapped a parcel and produced sandwiches which were made up of two slices of bread, two eggs and two or more rashes of home cured bacon.

We were supposed to eat three of these each, but as Geordie Scott and I found one enough, the farmer and his Daft Laddie finished the rest with no trouble.

We were finished and home by lunch and Lizzie, the boss's sister had lunch ready for us. This started with a large bowl of thick pea soup, followed by a huge plate of mashed tetties, mince and mashed swede turnips.

Then came plumb duff and custard. Lizzie was terribly hurt that I could only eat a little of it all but needless to say, the boss and his Daft Laddie had second helpings of everything, and they both looked as lean as Herons.

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