August 18, 2008

Agbrief: NZ Agriculture News

A 'Must-Read' for People in the Primary Industries of New Zealand

If you need to regularly review the agricultural sector in NZ, and don't have hours to spend searching the internet or reading all the magazines (the average farmer gets several freebies a week in the mailbox these days!), then your first port of call should be the long-established and well-respected publication AgBrief.

Publisher Matt Bird is one of New Zealand’s most experienced agricultural journalists and editors, and the key feature of AgBrief is its integrity and reliability as a news source.

AgBrief provides a weekly summary of events in agribusiness, trade, livestock, horticulture, soil, land, water and air, industry and forestry.

It’s published 48 times a year on an old-fashioned subscription basis, and can be delivered as a handy PDF document in your email.

For a few dollars a week I'm happy to let Matt and his team do the leg-work and scour the back paddocks of the internet and other global media for important information about our industry. You know the old story about "I'm writing you a long letter because I don't have time to write a short one..."?

It's published by Inventas Media. Contact or phone the subs team on (04) 472-9791. Tell him I sent you.

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