August 1, 2008

Poultry Glossary

Albumen: Protein that makes up the white of an egg. Is made up of four different layers.
Australorp: Dual purpose (eggs and meat) breed of fowl develop in Australia from Black Orpington.
Bantam: Small type of fowl.
Battery cage: Cage to hold laying hens. Can hold single or multiple birds.
Beak trimming: Cutting and cauterising the tip of the upper beak to prevent pecking other birds.
Blood spot: Blood seen in the white of an egg or attached to the yolk membrane.
Boiler: An old adult fowl used for meat after its laying life is completed.
Broiler: Young chicken grown for meat under intensive indoor conditions.
Broiler breeder: Parent of commercial meat chicken.
Brooder: Equipment used to provide heat to chicks from day old to 3-4 weeks.
Broody: Condition when hen stops laying and wants to sit on eggs.
Candling: Visual examination of eggs over a light to check for eating quality and if they are fertile.

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