July 29, 2008

Goat Glossary

Angora: The fibre from an Angora or mohair goat.

  • Kid - 8 temporary milk teeth in the top.
  • Goatling(hogget) - centre pair start to erupt about 12 months.
  • 2-tooth - centre pair should be present by 12-18 months.
  • 4-tooth - second pair erupt by 21-14 months.
  • 6-tooth - third pair erupt by 30-36 months.
  • Full mouth - last pair erupt by 42-48 months

Billy goat:
Entire male goat.

Breeds (milking):

  • Saanan
  • Toggenburg
  • British Alpine
  • Anglo Nubian
Breeds (Fibre):
  • Angora (Mohair)
  • Cashmere
Browse: Feeding habits of goat. They appear to be grazing casually here and there as they walk along. Also the name of feed offered.
Buck: Entire male goat of any age.
Cashmere: Fine downy fibre from a Cashmere goat or the undercoat of a feral goat.
Doe: Mature female goat.
Feral goat: Goat that has been domesticate and has now returned to the wild.
Goatling: Young goat up to about a year old.
Guard hair: The outer coat on feral goat above the fine undercoat fibres.
Kid: Young male or female goat.
Kidding: The birth process in goats.
Mohair: The fibre from a mohair or Angora goat.
Nanny goat: Mature female goat.
Weaning: Time when the kid is taken off liquid diets, or when those suckling their dams are removed.
Wether: Castrated male goat.
Tassles: The two bits of skin hanging down from the lower jaw.

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