July 26, 2008

New Zealand farming. 1300 Names for NZ Farm Working Dogs

Compiled by Clive Dalton and John Gordon

Imagine yourself without a name? It would be unbearable and extremely dangerous. You couldn’t function and you’d be an accident waiting to happen because your name is an “alerting device”.

Names provide information, colour, warmth and feelings to a relationship between humans or man and dog, as well as belief and hope that the person will turn out to be what the name suggests. So naming your working dog is no different to naming your children! It’s a very important business.

Working dogs need serious names, as many folk, especially your neighbours, are going to hear you calling it a lot, and you don’t want them to get the wrong idea about you or your dog! Naming a new pup can cause enormous stress among shepherds, wives and partners and the children. The funny thing is how difficult it seems to be to come up with names when you start to make a list. It’s as hard as naming the new baby!

Folk quickly come up with half a dozen names, and then are in trouble or others trying to help ridicule the name! These names are from real NZ working dogs from Council registrations and dog trials. Hopefully they’ll foster domestic harmony the next time a pup needs a name.

For further reading: Gordon, John. (1999). What’s its name. 1000 ways to dub your dog. Shoal Bay Press. ISBN 0-908704-97-6.

Abe; Abby; Ace; Aga; Ajax; Al; Alf; Alba; Albert; Alf; Alfie; Alpha; Amber; Andy; Anna; Annie; Angie; Angus; Ant; Anzac; Apache; Apollo; Ape; Apu; Arch; Archie; Ark; Arna; Art; Artie; Ash; Atom; Axle; Aztec.

Babe; Badge; Baldrick; Baldy; Bang; Barb; Barbara; Barge; Bark; Barley; Barney; Baron; Bart; Basher; Basil; Bass; Bat; Bean; Bear; Beast; Beau; Beaut; Bedi; Bee; Beech; Bell; Bella; Belle; Ben; Benson; Bert; Bertha; Bess; Bette; Betty; Bev; Bevin; Bid; Bide; Biddie; Biff; Bift; Biggles; Bill; Billy; Bin; Bing; Binky; Birch; BJ; Blackie; Blade; Blake; Blaze; Blend; Block; Bloke; Blondie; Bloss; Bomber; Bone; Bossom; Blow; Bly; Boast; Blue; Bob; Bobbie; Bobbin; Bodie; Boff; Bold; Bolt; Boo; Boom; Bonny; Bonzo; Boo; Boom; Boon; Boot; Booze; Boris; Boss; Bot; Bounce; Bouncer; Bovril; Bow; Bowser; Boxer; Boy; Boynt; Bozo; Brad; Braid; Bran; Brandy; Brash; Brass; Brave; Bree; Break; Brenda; Brenn; Brett; Brew; Brick; Brie; Brig; Brin; Bright; Bro; Brock; Bronc; Bronze; Brook; Brown; Brownie; Bruce; Bruno; Brutus; Bryn; Bub; Bubs; Buck; Bud; Buddie; Buff; Budsy; Bull; Buller; Bully; Bung; Burke; Burl; Burn; Burr; Buster; Butch; Button; Buzz; Bwana; Bye. 

Caesar; Callum; Cam; Camel; Cameron; Campeze; Candy; Card; Carl; Cap; Cappy; Case; Cass; Cash; Cadar; Chad; Champ; Chan; Chance; Chang; Chant; Chap; Chappy; Char; Charles; Chas; Cheeky; Chep; Cherry; Chief; Chic; Chico; Chick; Chief; Chill; Chime; Chip; Chirp; Choc; Choice; Chook; Chub; Chubby; Chuck; Chum; Cid; Cindy; Clan; Clancy; Clang; Clare; Clark; Claude; Claw; Clay; Clem; Cleo; Clint; Clip; Clive; Clone; Cloud; Cloud; Clyde; Coal; Cobb; Cobber; Cod; Code; Coe; Cody; Coin; Coke; Cole; Colt; Compo; Con; Connie; Congo; Cooch; Cool; Coon; Cop; Copper; Cora; Cork; Corrie; Cougar; Coy; Crab; Crafty; Crag; Craig; Crash; Creel; Crib; Crime; Croft; Cruel; Cruise; Crumpy; Crusty; Curly; Cus; Cut; Cotton; Crafty; Crib; Czar. 


Daf; Daffy; Dag; Dagg; Dai; Daine; Daisy; Dale; Dally; Dan; Dandy; Dane; Dark; Darkie; Dash; Dave; Dawn; Day; Dean; Deak; Deal; Deb; Debbie; Dee; Deed; Diesel; Deke; Dell; Della; Demon; Denn; Denis; Denny; Des; Dev; Dew; Dhu; Di; Dice; Dictator; Dick; Digger; Dill; Ding; Dinn; Dino; Dip; Dirk; Dodger; Dog; Dolly; Don; Donna; Doon; Doom; Dol; Dolly; Dora; Doris; Dos; Dove; Dot; Dotty; Doug; Dougal; Dream; Drum; Drummer; Dubby; Duff; Duke; Dun; Dusk; Dusky; Dusty; Dutch.


Earl; Ebb; Ebony; Echo; Ed; Eddie; Edge; Eel; Elf; Eliza; Elvis; Emma; Erin; Ernie; Esk; Esky; Eurythmic; Eva; Eve. 


Face; Fagan; Faith; Fake; Fame; Fan; Fang; Fay; Felix; Fella; Ferg; Fergie; Fern; Feta; Fiddler; Fidge; Fig; Fin; Finn; Fizz; Flag; Flake; Flame; Flare; Flash; Flax; Flea; Fleck; Fleet; Fletch; Flight; Fling; Flip; Flirt; Fliss; Flo; Flood; Floss; Flow; Flop; Fluke; Fluff; Fluke; Fly; Flynn; Foch; Fog; Fonz; Fox; Fran; Free; Fred; Freddy; Friday; Frill; Frisk; Fritze; Frog; Frost; Frosty; Fy.

Gabby; Gael; Gaff; Gaffer; Gail; Gain; Gal; Gale; Gas; Gay; Geek; Gem; Gemma; Geordie; George; Genie; Gert; Gertie; Ghost; Gift; Gin; Ginge; Ginger; Girl; Girly; Glen; Gleam; Glide; Gliss; Gloam; Glow; Glum; Glynn; Godfrey; Gold; Goldie; Gomar; Grace; Greg; Griff; Grip; Grit; Grizz; Groot; Gruff; Grunge; Guard; Guide; Guile; Gum; Gun; Gus; Guv; Guy; Guyver; Gyp; Gypsy. 

 Haig; Hail; Haka; Hammer; Handy; Hank; Hardy; Harry; Hatter; Hawk; Hawkeye; Hayes; Haze; Heat; Heath; Heather; Heidi; Heist; Help; Hemi; Hemp; Hendrix; Henny; Henry; Hetty; Hibb; Hick; Hinch; Hine; Hinkler; Hitch; Hite; Hobo; Hogan; Hokey; Holly; Hombre; Homer; Honey; Honk; Hook; Hope; Horse; Hoss; Howdy; Hubble; Huck; Hud; Hug; Hui; Huik; Hulk; Humph; Hussy; Hutch.

Ian; Ice; Idol; Igor; Ike; Imp; Inca; Ink; Inky; Iro; Iron; Iti; Ivan; Ivor; Ivy; Iwi; Izzie

Jack; Jacka; Jade; Jaffa; Jag; Jake; James; Jan; Jane; Jason; Jasper; Jay; Jazz; Jean; Jed; Jedi; Jeff; Jelly; Jenny; Jerry; Jess; Jessie; Jet; Jewel; Jane; Jayne; Jewel; Jib; Jill; Jim; Jip; Jo; Joan; Joel; JJ; JP; Jock; Jode; Jodi; Jody; Joe; Joel; John; Jolly; Jon; Johah; Joker; Joss; Judd; Jude; Judy; Jug; Jumble; Jumbo; Junior; Juno; Jute.

Kaha; Kahn; Kai; Kaiser; Kai; Kala; Kale; Kane; Karma; Kate; Kathy; Kaz; Kay; Kea; Keel; Keen; Kees; Kelly; Kelp; Ken; Kenny; Kep; Kept; Kero; Kew; Khama; Khan; Kilt; Kiltie; Kim; King; Kip; Kiri; Kirk; Kit; Kitty; Kiwi; Knight; Koke; Kori; Koro; Kurt; Kyber; Kylie; Kymba.

Lace; Lad; Laddie; Lady; Lana; Lance; Lap; Larch; Lark; Lass; Lassie; Latch; Late; Leed; Len; Leroy; Les; Lester; Lew; Libby; Light; Lill; Linc; Link; Lint; Lisa; Liz; Lizzie; Lloyd; Lock; Locket; Lofty; Lone; Lottie; Look: Loot; Lord; Lou; Lovat; Loyal; Lubra; Luca; Luck; Lucky; Lucy; Luke; Lulu; Lupin; Lyn. 

Mabel; Mac; Mace; Macey; Mack; Maddie; Madge; Mae; Maid; Maize; Major; Mag; Maggie; Mal; Mana; Mandy; Marge; Mark; Marty; Marvel; Mary; Mask; Mason; Master; Matai; Mate; Matt; Maude; Max; Maxine; May; McLeod; McNab; Mead; Meg; Merle; Mess; Mick; Midge; Mihi; Mike; Milly; Min; Mindy; Mink; Mintie; Miss; Mist; Mo; Moi; Moke; Molly; Monty; Mop; Mork; Moss; Mouse; Moxie; Moy; Muff; Muffy; Mugsy; Murk; Murph; Murphy; Muz; Myra; Myrtle.

Nan; Nap; Nark; Nat; Natalie; Nay; Ned; Ness; Nell; Nero; Nessie; Nib; Nick; Nig; Nigger; Niggy; Nim; Nip; Nite; Noah; Nob; Nod; Noddy; Noss; Noise; Noke; North; Now; Nudge; Nugget; Nuke; Nuru; Nut; Nute; Nutmeg.

Oak; Obo; Oby; Odd; Oddie; Ode; Odie; Ogre; Ohu; Ollie; Olo; Omar; Omik, Oscar, Ossie; Oswald; Otis; Ott; Owhiti; Oxo.

Pace; Paddles; Paddy; Paint; Pal; Pancho; Panda; Pat; Patch; Patrick; Patu; Paul; Pauline; PC: Pearl; Pearce; Peak; Peat; Pebble; Peel; Peg; Peggy; Penny; Perry; Pert; Pete; Peter; Pike; Pine; Pink; Pip; Pipi; Pinto; Piper; Pirate; Pistol; Pix; Plaid; Please; Plod; Plug; Pluto; Poi; Poker; Poki; Polly; Poss; Possum; Pot; Poto; Power; Precious; Pride; Prince; Price; Pru; Pud; Pulse; Puma; Punch; Punk; Pup; Pryde.

Quake; Queen; Quell; Quest; Quick; Quid; Quill; Quin; Quit;; Quoit; Quiz. 

Ra; Rab; Race; Radar; Rae; Raff; Rag; Rahi; Raid; Rain; Ralf; Rambo; Randal; Randy; Rngi; Ras; Rata; Raven; Raz; Razzle; Rebel; Red; Reef; Reine; Remus; Reno; Rewa; Red; Revel; Reg; Rene; Rev; Rex; Rhys; Rick; Ridge; Rig; Rigby; Riley; Rim; Rima; Rimu; Rin; Ring; Riot; Rip; Rise; Risk; Rita; Ritch; Ro; Roa; Roam; Roan; Rob; Robber; Robbie; Rock; Rod; Roddie; Rogue; Rolfe; Rolly; Rome; Rommel; Romp; Rose; Ross; Rouge; Row; Rowdy; Roy; Royson; Roz; Rua; Rue; Ruby; Ruff; Rugby; Rum; Runt; Russ; Rusk; Rusty; Rye. 


Sadie; Saffron; Sail; Saint; Sal; Sally; Salty; Sam; Sambo; Samba; Sandy; Sarge; Sash; Sasha; Scalp; Scamp; Scarfie; Scooby: Scooter; Scope; Scott; Scotty; Scrag; Scrap; Scratch; Scrubber; Scruff; Scrud; Seal; Seek; Serf; Shack; Shade; Shake; Shane; Sharon; Sharp; Shaun; Shay; Shep; Sheik; Sheila; Shelley; Shep; Shield; Shine; Shirl; Shoe; Shorty; Shy; Sid; Sign; Silk; Silver; Simba; Simon; Sioux; Skate; Skeet; Skeeter; Skein; Ski; Skid; Skip; Skipper; Sky; Skye; Slade; Slate; Sleet; Sledge; Slick; Slim; Slog; Sly; Smile; Smiler; Smash; Smith; Smoke; Smudge; Smut; Snap; Snapper; Sniff; Snip; Snook; Snoops; Snow; Snub; Socks; Soda; Sol; Solomon; Son; Sonny; Soot; Sooty; Soul; Spade; Spark; Speck; Speckle; Speed; Spice; Spider; Spike; Spock; Spook; Sport; Spot; Spotty; Spring; Spud; Spurt; Spy; Squire; Stacey; Stag; Stan; Star; Steff; Sting; Storm; Stoke; Stead; Stomp; Streak; Stream; Stretch; Steff; Steve; Stretch; Stride; Strike; Stripe; Stroll; Strong; Strum; Stu; Stuart; Stud; Stump; Suede; Sun; Surf; Susan; Sue; Swag; Swagger; Sweep; Swop; Sword; Swot; Syd; Synn; Sybil. 

Tab; Taff; Taffy; Tag; Tahu; Tai; Tail; Taine; Tait; Talk; Tam; Tammy; Tama; Tan; Tang; Tangi; Tant; Tao; Taro; Tarn; Tartan; Tasha; Task; Tat; Tau; Tawny; Tay; Teak; Ted; Teena; Tempa; Tess; Tex; Thor; Thorn; Thug; Thump; Thunder; Thyme; Tic; Tid; Tide; Tie; Tig; Tiger; Tika; Till; Tim; Tin; Tiny; Tip; Toby; Tod; Toddy; Tode; Toe; Toff; Toi; Toki; Tom; Tone; Top; Toppa; Topsy; Toru; Tosh; Toss; Tough; Towser; Toy; Tramp; Tray; Trek; Trick; Trig; Trim; Trimmer; Trip; Trix; Trooper; Troy; True; Trump; Tubs; Tuff; Tui; Turf; Turk; Tux; Tweed; Twig; Twine; Twink; Tye; Tyne; Tyro; Tyke.

Ugly; Uncle; Umu; Ura; Utu.

Val; Vale; Vamp; Vern; Vernon; Vesta; Vic; Vie; Vice; Vic, Vicky; Victor; Vince; Vincent; Vin; Vinnie; Viola; Violet; Virgo; Vito; Viva; Volga; Volt; Voss; Vow.

Waddie; Wade; Wag; Wai; Wait; Waka; Wake; Wal; Wall; Wally; Wanda; Watch; Wattie; Waqar; Wave; Weed; Westie; Wha; Whip; Whippy; Whisky; White; Whitey; Whiti; Whiz; Wick; Wilbur; Will; Willie; Wilma; Win; Winnie; Wink; Wink; Wiz; Witch; Wog; Wojo; Woodie; Worm; Woolly; Wren; Wyn. 


Xavier; Xena; Xerox; Yacht; Yap; Yappy; Yarra; Yarrow; Yelp; Yo; Yobbo; York; Yorth

Zac; Zap; Zeal; Zeb; Zed; Zero; Zeus; Zinny; Zinzan; Zip; Zipper; Zoe; Zorba; Zuki; Zulu.

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