January 2, 2008

Farming Abbreviations

2th, 4th, 6th: Two-tooth, four tooth, six tooth
4WD: Four wheel drive

AB: Artificial breeding
ac: Acre
AC: Accelerated conditioning
ACVM: Agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines board
AFB: American foul brood
AHB: Animal health board
AI: Artificial insemination
ai: Active ingredient
ANC: Ancestry
A&P: Agricultural and pastoral
ASHB: Aside herring bone, e.g. 30 ASHB
ASP: Autumn saved pasture
ASW: Argentine stem weevil
ATV: All terrain vehicle

BF: Butterfat
bf/BF: Blackface
BMCC: Bulk milk cell count
BMT: Bulk milk tank
Bo: Boron
BV: Breeding Value
BVD: Bovine viral diarrhoea
BW: Breeding worth

C: Carbon
ºC: Degrees Celsius
Ca: Calcium
CW: Carcass weight
CCW: Cold carcass weight
CER: Closer economic relations (NZ-Australia)
CF: Crude fibre
CFA: Cast for age
CGS: Controlled grazing systems
cif: Cost, insurance and freight
Cl: Chlorine
CL: Corpus luteum
CO: Consulting officer
Co: Cobalt
COF: Clean on floor (wool)
CP: Calving percentage
CP: Crude protein
CTP: Close to profit
Cu: Copper
Cusec: Cubic feet per second

DAP: Diammonium phosphate
DCE: Dairy cow equivalent
DINZ: Deer industry of New Zealand
DLWG: Daily live weight gain
DM: Dry matter
DDM: Digestible dry matter
DOM: Digestible organic matter
DP: Dressing percentage
DRI: Dairy research institute

EBL: Enzootic bovine leucosis
EBV: Estimated breeding value
EE: Ewe equivalent
EFS: Economic farm surplus
ET: Embryo transfer
EU: European union

FAO: Food and agriculture organisation
FCE: Feed conversion efficiency
FCM: Fat corrected milk
FF: Federated farmers
ºF: Degrees Fahrenheit
Fe: Iron
F&F: Fat and forward
FF: Federated farmers
FH: Freehold
fl: Fluid
FO: Field officer
fob: Free on board
for: Free on rail
FORST: Foundation for research, science and technology
Frs: Friesian
FW: Fresh weight

g: Gram
GI: Generation interval
GI: Gross income
GIB: Game industry board
GM: Gross margin
GM: Genetically modified
GMO: Genetically modified organism
GE: Genetic engineering
GR: Genetic rescue
GW: Green weight

ha: Hectare
HD: High density
HF: Holstein Friesian
Hfd: Hereford
Hgt: Hogget
HP(hp): Horsepower
HP: High potency
HSS: High speed steel
HT: High tensile
hz: Hertz

I: Iodine
I/C: In calf
I/M: In milk
IVD: Intra-vaginal devices
IVF: In vitro fertilisation
IVM: In-vitro maturation
IVP: In-vitro production

J: Jersey
J: Joule
JIVET:Juvenile in-vitro embryo transfer

K: Potassium
kg: Kilogram
kJ: Kilojoule
km: Kilometre
KO%: Killing out percentage
kPa: Kilopascal
kW: Kilowatt
kWh: Kilowatt hour

LD: Low density
LH: Leashold
LIC: Livestock Improvement Corporation
LP: Lambing percentage
LSU: Livestock unit
LW: Liveweight
LW: Lactation worth
LWG: Live weight gain

m: Meter
MA: Mixed age
MAF: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
mb: Millibar
MC(mc): Moisture content
ME: Metabolisable energy
MF: Milkfat
Mg: Magnesium
MJ: Megajoule
MJME: Megajoules of metabolisible energy
ml: Millilitre
mm: Millimetre
MMT: Milking machine test
Mo: Molybdenum
MOET:Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer.
MS: Mixed sex
MS: Milksolids
MT: Empty

N: Nitrogen
Na: Sodium
NAFTA: North American free trade area
NFVT: National forage variety trials
NPK: Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

OAD: Once a day
OM: Organic matter
OP: Ovum pickup
OTD: On the drop

P: Phosphorus
Pa: Pascal
PA: Polled angus
PAPR: Partially acidulate phosphate rock
pH: Acidity measure
PM: Post mortem
ppm: Parts per million
PW: Production worth
PTO: Power take off
PVR: Plant variety rights

R1, R2, R3: Rising one, two and three-year-old.
REL: Reliability
RF: Rainfall
RH: Relative humidity
RHS: Rectangular hollow section
RMA: Resource management act
RPR: Reactive phosphate rock
Rom: Romney
RSJ: Rolled steel joist
RWB: Run with bull
RWR: Run with ram

S: Sulphur
SAG: Sexually active group
SCC: Somatic cell count
SD: Southdown
SD: Selection differential
SD: Standard deviation
SE: Standard error
SH(Sh): Shorthorn
SMP: Skim milk powder
SNF: Solids not fat
SPC: Standard plate count
SS: Stainless steel
Std: Standard
Str: Steer
SU: Stock unit

TB(Tb): Tuberculosis
TOP: Traits other than production
TVR: Trans-vaginal recovery

Vol: Volume

Weth: Wether
WF or w/f: Whiteface
Wt: Weight
Wth: Wether
WP: Wettable powder
WSP: Winter saved pasture
WTO: World trade organisation
W/V: Weight for volume
W/W: Weight for weight

YFC: Young Farmers Club
Yrl: Yearling
YS: Young stock

Zn: Zinc

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